Trafford Middle School's Mission Statement

Mission:  "To provide appropriate and engaging learning opportunities that instill a passion for learning in a caring atmosphere."

Core Values:  Instill hope--Everyone has a desire for improvement--Integrity--Support for each other


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Did you know that Penn-Trafford offers a Backpacks-To-Go Program to students and their families districtwide? 

What is the Backpacks-To-Go Program?

During the school year, the Backpacks-To-Go Program gives food monthly or twice a month to students whose parents sign them up for the  program to help provide supplemental nutrition to students when there is no weekend access to the school breakfast and/or lunch program. The Backpacks-To-Go Program is made possible through donations from Penn-Trafford staff members, community members, businesses, organizations, and churches in the surrounding area. 

In the summer, the Backpacks-To-Go Program provides families with boxes of food once a month in June, July, and August to help continue to provide nutritional support to our students in the summertime. The food boxes includes foods such as: pudding packs, fruit cups, jello packs, graham crackers, vanilla wafers, jello packs, animal crackers, peanut butter or cheese crackers, boxes of saltines, boxes of club crackers, boxes of noodles, pasta sauce, mac and cheese, rice, pasta entrees, skillet entrees, cans of spaghetti or ravioli, canned vegetables, tuna, soup, boxes of potatoes, granola bars, cereal, syrup, pancake mix, pop tarts, jars of applesauce, jars of peanut butter and jelly, and juice.  Families who are interested in receiving food boxes must come to the high school, door 31 (the door by the nurse’s office), on designated dates to pick up the food. Families (or someone designated by the family) will have to be available on these set dates as staffing is limited in the summer. June 10th is the first pick up date. July and August dates will be announced soon. The times for pick up will be scheduled during the "normal" work day.

Even if you did not participate in the Backpacks-To-Go program this school year, if you are in need of help this summer with food, please complete this google form by April 29th at 12:00pm: If you participate in the summer food box program, Backpacks-To-Go Program staff will reach out to you in August about the Backpacks-To-Go Program offered throughout the school year. If your child(ren) already participates in the program and you already completed the form, please do NOT do so again. 

Questions about the Summer Box Program can be addressed to Mrs. Lauren Traill, one of the Backpacks-to-go Program coordinators, at, 724-744-2161, or 724-864-6700.



What is the Student Assistance Program? 

The Student Assistance Program is designed to provide various services to meet your child’s social, emotional, behavioral, and academic needs. The primary goal of the Student Assistance Program is to identify students at risk and help those students to overcome barriers in order for them to be successful in their everyday lives.

Another goal of the Student Assistance Program is to facilitate collaboration between home and school and provide interventions and/or referrals to internal or external support services in order to address student needs.

Please see brochure link below:

   SAP Brochure